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The Complete Malcolm X on DVD: http://malcolmxfiles.blogspot.com/ Malcolm X explains that if you don't believe you've ever done anything, then you can never do anything. With clips of racist Hollywood movies, you can see how the role of black people as scientists and educators have been erased from American culture. "As long as you're running around here wearing the white man's name, bragging about you one of the Joneses, or one of the Browns, or one of the Smiths, or as long as you're running around here bragging about your part in this so called American democracy, then you will always be looked down upon as a chump by the white man, you'll never be given recognition nor respect, your problem will continue to go unsolved, and you will still be in the same rut or ditch a 1000 yrs from now." http://malcolmxfiles.blogspot.com/
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Nelson Mandela - The Freedom Struggle

Nelson Mandela - The Freedom Struggle

This video is a brief biography on Nelson Mandela.