What is BMETV
BMETV is an online & mobile channel that celebrates the diversity of our Black & Ethnic minorities – the channel who wants to share, view or contribute to our understanding of diversity and different cultures

What content is on BMETV?
We have many channels for you to choose from including Spirit, Heritage, Sports, Skills & Work, Music, the Slave Trade, Creative Arts and many others...

Who is behind it?
BMETV has been developed by broadcasters, journalists and internet experts who are care about the BME community, with the lead being taken by the charity BME TVFM.

How can I get involved?
Easy – just enjoy the channel and ideally upload your videos for other to appreciate and enjoy

Can anybody watch it?
Yes online and via your mobile.

Can I watch it at anytime?
Yes. 24/7

Does it cost anything to watch?
No. This is a free service for the community.

Can I upload content?
Yes, it is very easy to do, just click on ‘Upload’ and follow the instructions

Can I Share & Embed Video’s
Yes, again it is very easy to do, you can embed to any website or share files by email or add them to Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Stumbeupon, etc