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From: Andrew Fraser
The Youth Skills Network was established in March 2003 by a young man named Andrew Fraser. Born and raised in Hackney on a local council estate; his parents saw the different traps that were out there for a young person growing up in such an environment and decided to give him a hobby which could then be turned into a career if he so wished. They registered him in the Anna Scher Theatre School which he would attend a few hours a week. This enabled him to express himself and find out his true potential and locate his goals. In seeing what it done for him, he wanted to give others the same opportunity he had, thus the youth skills network was formed. The Youth Skills Network is aimed at young disadvantaged individuals aged 16-25 yrs coming from a similar background to Andrew, who have a keen interest in the world of media production. The overall objective at the YSN is to provide young people who want to create a better future, with the key skills and training needed to incite change. A course of workshops have been devised to offer prospective students a chance to compete in a professional market; by providing a learning environment which will develop a high level of proficiency in the art of visual and verbal communication. The workshops will focus on, Directing, Script writing, Camera operations, Editing and Production. What makes this course different from most is the fact that it will take a ‘hands on’ approach rather than a theoretical approach to learning. Which will help keep students motivated and inspired. Another unique aspect of the course is the fact that the tutors are also people from similar backgrounds to the students who have made it as professionals within the media industry. The tutors will be seen as real role-models for the student as they will depict that “they too can also succeed against the odds”. People such as Michael Buffong the first permanent black Director of Eastenders along with Kat Mansoor, Actress and owner of Animal Monday Production Company. Dickon Tolson, seasoned actor, Camera Operator and Graham Fletcher-Cook also a seasoned actor, Professional Editor and Camera Operator. All potential students will have access to the latest technology used by professionals in the media industry which they will become more than able to operate by the end of the course. They will have access to the Youth Skills Network website where they will discover games, information and galleries where their work once completed will be displayed. There will real-time forums where they can chat to other course members or the nation about issues which concern their lives or whatever topics they wish. Each individual will be given a personal I.D code so we can monitor their progress carefully, and nobody can log on unless they have a code. All the information gained from the site will be fed to the Youth Parliament, giving students the chance to have a voice within their community. Once students have completed the course and have shown a real understanding and ability for the industry they will have the opportunity to become part of a group who will help set up a production company and become part of the next chapter in the life of the Youth Skills Network. Our vision is to create a collective of individuals who are able to create and produce their own material, to which they can contribute, and from which they will benefit, by building a future “for them by them”. Website: http://www.ysn.org.uk Email: info@ysn.org.uk
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