Featured: Thicker Than Water (Full Movie)

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From: joetriplec
1999 Film.VERY STRONG LANGUAGE FROM THE OFF. NOT FOR CHILDREN AT ALL. In Los Angeles, two rival gang leaders are also trying to be music producers. When DJ's equipment shorts out and Lonzo is cut out of the action by a record producer, the two join forces, which also requires a tentative peace between gangs. With backing from Gator, a smooth New Orleans drug king, DJ and Lonzo start dealing, organizing their gangs into pushers. Just as their finances are looking up, one of Gator's team pulls a double cross and two of DJ and Lonzo's gang bangers start a shooting war. Can the erstwhile music producers salvage anything of their bond or their plans?Director: Richard Cummings Jr. Writers: Ernest Nyle Brown, Julie Shannon (story) Stars: Mack 10, Fat Joe, Ice Cube
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A short film created by Danny Blackstock, Glen Cheng, Stephanie Bourgeois, and Melinda ...