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MUSIC VIDEO: DADDY - BETTER THAN YOU (Fat! Records) VIDEO MAKER: FINK Film Daddy Music Video Better than You (Fat! Records) The 'Better than You' video was produced and shot in autumn 2002, the first full live action music video production from Fink Film. It was an ambitious undertaking and features a virtuoso wrestling performance from Mister GBH and Flash Barker (FWA British heavyweight champion). Created on a budget of around £5000, the project was a result of dedication above and beyond the call of duty from all involved. Although the release of the single was small and on 12" vinyl only, the video got a fair bit of exposure on MTV UK and got a mention in Promo, the music video industry magazine. At the centre of the video, is an old warehouse building that hosts a cast of weirdos and strange experiments. All of which covert and slightly brutal goings on are sensed by the caretaker, who searches the deserted corridors and empty rooms, but can find nothing. Several narrative strands unfold concurrently, although they don't necessary happen at the same time. The effect is edgy and dreamlike, the strands jigsaw together to create a narrative that rests on the brink of ambiguity. The whole is sinister, but blackly comic, echoing the mixture of sentiments in the music. CAST: ====== Man tied to chair Lachlan Blackley Caretaker Julian Roberts Screaming Woman Maeve Rutten Wrestlers Phil Barham (Flash Barker) Patrick Carrol (Mr. GBH) Prisoners Pete Wareham Mike Pantalides Wook Se Cho Shue Samantha Dolding Catherine Hutton Stefan Fry Daddy Daddy Ade Firth James Firth Miaer Lloyd (DJ Snare) CREW: ====== Conceived and produced by Fink Film. Director Ben Rollason Producers Charlie Mitchell Ben Rollason Director of Photography Stein Stie Gaffer Guy Peires Grip Ben Porteus Electricians Aleks Castenberg James Runner Steve Styling Rochelle Fry Ellie Kurttz Make up Samantha Dolding Stills Photographers Karl Sinfield Simon Mann Susan Hollock For more information on Fink Film, contact Ben Rollason Tel. 020 8809 7720 or email ben@fink-base.com Fink Web: http://www.fink-base.com Fat Records: http://www.thefatclub.com **************************** Daddy - Better than You Record Label: Fat Records Rel. Date Late october 2002 Cat No. CTFAT007 TRACK LISTING: ============== Track 1 - Better than You Daddy are Ade and James Firth (Cousins from Yorkshire, now residing in East London) and Snare, formerly known as DJ Excel. Daddy have been DJing, making tunes and messing about with noises separately since 1989 but it was only at the very end of 2001 they decided to make some tracks together... hence all this ADE amongst other things was one of the founder members of the UK Hip Hop Crew YNR in 1995 - along with Jehst and Tommy Evans. SNARE is acclaimed worldwide as the inventor of the 'crabscratch' and, in the late 90's was an integral part of the acclaimed DJ team "The Enforcers" feat cutmaster Swift, DJ Pogo, DJ Business and DJ excel. Daddy, have hit the ground running with this fantastic debut of cut'n'paste funky breaks. The focus of the track is a childs vocal of the 'anything you can do I can do better' song. This one sided slab of highly enjoyable breakbeat takes the hip hop breaks route favoured by the likes of Dynamo Productions and the Wiseguys, and adds a nu-skool twist to proceedings with a deep, beastly bassline and some scratchy bassline accompanies ultra funky breaks. Take note Freddy Fresh & Andy Smith, there's a new papa in town and he's up for the challenge!! The tune has gone from strength to strength with the likes of Seb Fontaine, Steve Lamacq, John Peel and Ali B all giving the tune great support. Bette
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