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Title: A-ZU-RE Format: Super 16/Col ratio 1:1.66Running Time: 23 Minutes 42 SecondsCompletion Date: Spring 2002 Synopsis: A-ZU-RE is an adolescent streetchild with dark skin and blue eyes, who sleeps on the beach with his younger friend Vincent – and ekes out a precarious living by day. Azure gets involved with a local gangster, Gerald, who renames him Blue, and sends him out to sell drugs on the streets. The drugs soon get stolen and the boys incur Gerald’s wrath. Gerald captures Vincent and it is up to Azure to rescue him.   Credits: Director: Meg RICKARDS Producer: Jon SAVAGE (NON-LFS) Co Producer #1 Margot MOSES (NON-LFS) Scriptwriter: Meg RICKARDS Lighting Cameraman: Paula HUIDOBRO Camera Operator: Heinekin DE VOS (NON-LFS) Sound Recordist: James COPELAND (NON-LFS) Editor: Jocelyn WORTLEY (NON-LFS) Art Director: Melissa VISSER (NON-LFS) Composer: Christopher TIN Cast: A-ZU-RE…………..Unathi Emmanuel Speelman Vincent……………..Ray Meas Gerald………………Kurt Schoonraad Ma Zakes……………Makhosazene Helen Kunene Biography Note on Director: MEG RICKARDS was born in Cape Town, South African on 23 rd March 1973. She studied Fine Art and English at the University of Cape Town. Has worked as a documentary research, a muralist and teacher – and has also worked in France, Germany and Japan before joining LFS. For the future she plans to produce and direct South African documentaries and fiction. This is her graduation project.  
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