Featured: Pitch Talk Meets John Sitton

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Pitch Talk Meets John Sitton is here!!! We sat down with a man who has played in all 4 English football league divisions & who was Leyton Orient manager during their most troubled times in the mid 90s and was made infamous by Channel 4 documentary 'Orient; Club For a fiver'. As a player his former clubs include... Chelsea, Millwall, Gillingham and of course Leyton Orient. He played alongside some of the biggest players of the 1970's & 80s during his career and he's an opinionated individual who holds nothing back. These days he's a London Black Cab driver but he still keeps his finger on the pulse of modern football. We talk with John about his early days getting into football, his experiences in the game including the Channel 4 Documentary; Orient Club for a Fiver which has made John infamous. We also talk about John's life after football as well and some of the battles & triumphs in his life and about his book and so much more. Chapters - 0:00:00 - Intro 0:03:26 - The Beginning 0:28:13 - Sitts The Player 1:05:58 - Sitts The Coach & Manager 1:26:48 - Orient; Club For A Fiver 2:12:04 - Word Association 2:17:05 - State Of The Game 2:30:16 - Quick Fire Round 2:31:56 - The Future & Other Disciplines To connect with & for more info on John Sitton - Twitter - @TheRealSitts http://wordofsport.blogspot.co.uk/
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