Featured: To Be Human - Animation Showreel - Oway Hoi Yee Lau

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ANIMATION BIOGRAPHY: SHOWREEL ANIMATOR: OWAY HOI YEE LAU CONTACT DETAILS: 13W, ROSEBERY SQUARE, ROSEBERY AVENUE, LONDON, EC1R 4PP EMAIL: oway007@yahoo.com Web: http://www.zainodyslexia.org/oway EDUCATION BACKGROUND: 2001-2003 MA Communication Design in Central St Martin College of Art Pass with Commentary 1999-2001 BA Hon - Graphic and Media Design in London College of Printing Second Upper Hons 1996-1998 Diploma in Design Studies in Hong Kong Polytechnic University WORKING EXPERIENCE: 01/2003 Freelance Animator Market Skyline Ltd 12/2002 Freelance Animator Market Skyline Ltd 07/02-11/02 Video ARtist and Animator Twisted Nerve Record Company, Manchester 02/2002 Video ARtist HuyThong Fashion Design 02/2001 Video Artist Tammy Lu Fashion Designer 07/00-09/00 Freelance Graphic Designer Vioglla.com Limited 12/98-05/99 Multimedia Designer Hong Kong Insitute of Education 02/98 Freelance Advertising Researcher Shya-La-La Design 07/97-09/97 Graphic Designer Hong Kong Museum of Art VIDEO PUBLICATION: "Poo can grow into butterflies that glow" was shown in Shoreditch Studio on 02/03 "To be Human" was shown in Catch 22, Kingsland Road, in Shockwave film event on 22/12/03 "Big Issue" was shown in Blue Elephant Theatre in 16/11/02 "To be Human" was shown in Blue Elephant Theatre in 02/11/02 "Banana eating competition" was shown in Brixton Art Gallery in 31 August 2002 "Banana eating competition" was shown in event "Emergensee" in Curzon Soho Cinema in May 2002 "Banana eating competition" "To Be Human" "Maps" "Big Issue" were shown "Sixteen" in Ritzy Cinema in 16 March 2002. "Showreel" "Artificial Intelligence" "Couriers" "Sadness Utopia" "Banana Eating Competition" were shown in LEicester Square London from Feb to Aug 2002 "Recycle Washing Powder" was exhibited in Pool Bar, FEbruary 2002 "Big ISsue" was shown in Highgate Festival, London, 2000 "Artificial Intelligence" in Freeserve Film FEstival in May 2001 "Sadness Utopia" was shown in the The London Institute "Xhibit" exhibition summer 2001 "Showreel" was shown RGB show in Aka Bar, London 2001 "Showreel" was shown in ICA "Uncut" programme in June 2001
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A short film created by Danny Blackstock, Glen Cheng, Stephanie Bourgeois, and Melinda ...