Featured: THE ONE - And Why The Liars Would Silence Him

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From: ThePresident
In 42 B.C. Roman Senator and orator Marcus Tullius Cicero said: "A nation can survive its fools... but it cannot survive treason from within." When enough Americans see this factual video, regime change will become inevitable. This nation's most honest, outspoken and formidable statesman, known to many as America's 21st Century Cicero, a man Jefferson, JFK, Martin Luther King, and all patriots would embrace as a brother, is the star of this film produced by U.S. citizens in collaboration with the Fellini-Antonioni Studio. Defending Democracy is Americas #1 priority. The most sincere statesman of our times is receiving the worst press coverage. This film is a grassroots effort in response to media censorship and misinformation to expose the truth that internal enemies of our country want to hide. Director: Viktoria Vidali Producer: Lorenzo Vidali Production Company: Fellini-Antonioni Studio Creative Commons licence: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs
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