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Bio by Shaun James Maria is the daughter of a South African police legend. Her modern beliefs are challenged when she is called to investigate a murder at a rural village where the killer is supposedly non-human. The Wanderer is an AFDA 4th year graduation A story about domestic violence in marriage. A newly married couple experience turbulences in their relationship due to the wife's incapability to love. Matthew has has to deal with Christiana's inability to forget the past and her method of expression through abuse. short film by Tosin C. Ogwe Facebook Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/christianaqed Twitter: @christianaqed www.christianaandrews.com info@christianaandrews.com Starring Ishmael Smith as Matthew Patricia Kalumbi-Thompson as Christiana Paul Abimbola Oladele as Uncle Directed by Tosin C. Ogwe Assistant Director: Aurora Gould D.O.P: Tayo Daramola Producer: Tosin C. Ogwe Screen play: Tosin C. Ogwe Script: Tosin C. Ogwe Cast Director: Tambo Silavwe Graphics: Dami Osinaike Still Photography: Tayo Daramola & Chima Luke Okafor Light: Isaac Osinaike & Paul Abimbola Oladele Editor: Tosin C. Ogwe Camera Operators: Tosin C. Ogwe & Tayo Daramola Sound: Paul Abimbola Oladele & Mohammed El-eter Sound Track: Isaac Amos Afolabi Prop & Set: Tosin C. Ogwe Behind the Scene filming: Kelvin Sampson Hair: Nyasha Mafuba Make Up: Nyasha Mafuba Costume: Nyasha Mafuba & AJ Taylor Runner: Andrew C. Ogwe Welfare: Tosin C. Ogwe & Andrew C. Ogwe
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A short film created by Danny Blackstock, Glen Cheng, Stephanie Bourgeois, and Melinda ...