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SECRETS OF THE DEAD Today, scientists from a whole range of disciplines, armed with advanced technology and a determination to know the truth, are penetrating myths and legends to arrive at important conclusions about the causes and consequences of these dark mysteries. CANNIBALISM IN THE CANYON What happened to the peaceful ancient Pueblo civilization of the American southwest? For 1,000 years, the Anasazi — a democratic people with rich achievements in architecture, agriculture, astronomy, and art — flourished in what is now New Mexico. Yet around 1200 A.D., something brought their utopia to a sudden and mysterious end. Palaeoanthropologist Christy Turner has found what he believes are clear signs of cannibalism among the Anasazi ruins, but American Indian groups and other archaeologists are sceptical. And while the evidence is difficult to refute, the meaning of the findings is still open to debate. In the shadow of a debate both scientific and political, questions remain: Did the Anasazi culture become cannibalistic, or did cannibalism from afar stumble across the perfect victims? Narrator ROY SCHEIDER Written by ROB GOLDBERG Executive Producer BETH HOPPE Executive-in-Charge WILLIAM R. GRANT Editor WILLIAM R. HOWE Music JAMIE LAWRENCE PRODUCTIONS & MARC ENGEL Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 (UK) DAN CHAMBERS Coordinating Producer JARED LIPWORTH Executive Producer for Engel Brothers Media STEVEN ENGEL Producer / Director LARRY ENGEL Copyright © 2000 Educational Broadcasting Corporation in association with Granite Productions, Channel 4 (UK), and Thirteen WNET / New York. All rights reserved.
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