Featured: Election 05: Testing the Parties

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Teachers' TV created its own Election Task Force to tackle the issues which teachers wanted discussed during the 2005 UK Election. A five-person panel of teachers, head teachers and parents cross-examined all three main party education representatives on the issues which most concerned them. LIBERAL DEMOCRATS They began with Liberal Democrat education spokesman Phil Willis. Presenter Sheena McDonald chairs a tough question and answer session in which Willis is grilled on disruptive behaviour and discipline in schools, parental choice, the Tomlinson report, the future of Ofsted, accusations of abuse made against teachers, the issue of school food and the teachers' retirement age. LABOUR In this programme, Secretary of State for Education Ruth Kelly faces a tough cross-examination from concerned teachers and parents. Presenter Sheena McDonald chairs the question and answer session, with the education secretary tackling questions on parental choice, Ofsted, City Academies, extending schools hours and the Tomlinson Report. CONSERVATIVES In this programme, shadow secretary of state for education Tim Collins faces a tough cross-examination from concerned teachers and parents. Sheena McDonald chairs a question and answer session which tackles school discipline, faith schools, the National Curriculum and vocational qualifications Attribution- Educational Purposes - NonCommercial-ShareAlike http://www.teachers.tv/helpCopyright.do
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