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From: Maddy
Western cultures have been steeped with visions of murder, cannabalism, infantacide and a cartoon existence of violence. Unlike the illuminating fables of the Ethiopian story teller Aesop, whose tales invoked the thinking and assessing faculty, Hans Christian Anderson, Walt Disney and a host of Western story tellers and cartoonists have portrayed tales of woe and hardship, in which violence is a usual outcome. This is reflected in the cinema and theatre. There is no celebration of life only one of violence, oppression and death. This is reflected in the nightmare reality of the Western ideal which has been unfounded on the unholy foundation of oppression, slavery, racism, colonialism, imperialism and exploitation.In this film we reflect on how Western cartoon escapism is in reality a comic reflection of the real Western world. The phony war on drugs and surpression of kaya the tree of life has profound implication for the every day lived experiences of ordinary every day people. Cartoons, cinema and western art imitate the very real and cruel world of the West, a nightmare for ordinary every day Black African People. Free the Land! Free Mumia and all political prisoners! A Luta Continua! Creative Commons licence: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs
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