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DOCUMENTARY BIOGRAPHY: THE GREAT ILLUSION WRITER/ DIRECTOR/ PRODUCER: SAPNA RAMNANI SYNOPSIS: 'The Great Illusion' I could say it was my first documentary that I have made. It started out as a student production for my Masters in Video. However I decided to develop and improve 'The Great Illusion' after completing my course in order to bring it up to its full potential. I discovered that the firm convictions of the resident devotees of the Hare Krishna movement regarding re-incarnation and the 'unreal' nature of the material world, were very unusual and worth exploring in depth. Members of the movement are secretive and insular about such issues, and therefore difficult to access. However, over time I reassured them of my genuine interest in their organisation and belief system, and was granted access to members who were able to express their views freely with me. I was also able to express some constructive criticism of their beliefs and ideas in the documentary to which they responded well. The location, prayer rituals and colourful ceremonies were fascinating and filmed extremely well. It is a low budget documentary and my family and friends who helped with the camera work supported me. FILM MAKERS RESUME: SHOBHA SAPNA RAMNANI DOB: 16.11.73 Email: sapnaramnani@yahoo.co.uk www: sapnaramnani.com Web: www.sindhiexodus.com SKILLS * Development of ideas, researching and collating information according to a brief. * Co-ordination and scheduling of projects to set deadlines and budget. * Script development and writing for documentaries and trailers. * Directing in a studio environment and on location for trailers, documentaries and short films. Directing in a post-production environment with editors, sound engineers and composers. * Post-production skills: Editing utilising personal facilities on Adobe Premiere 5.0. * Producing broadcast quality media for a specified target audience. * IT skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop 4.0, PageMaker 6.5 and Email programs Microsoft Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Navigator 7.1, Corpernic 2001 basic and Eudora. Adobe Premier web design with Netscape Communicator 7.0, Composer and Mapedit. * Software development for switch access, a computer tool for people who cannot use a keyboard or mouse. * Creating sponsorship and fundraising for charities such as Bliss, The Thalidomide Society and Action Research. ACHIEVEMENTS Festivals and Screenings 'The Great Illusion' Documentary Nov `03 Preview for broadcast on 'Open Access', Sky TV, 291 Gallery, Hackney Ongoing www.3btv.com Broadcast 7th June, 19th Sept, 4th & 26th Oct, 17th Nov, `03 & 17th Feb `04. Included in the 'Top Ten Most Watched' films, Oct `03 Oct `03 Club Electro, Homerton June `03 National Disability Film Festival, National Film Theatre, London April `03 The Electronic Image, Stoke on Trent April `03 'Good Film Event', Troubadour Coffee House, London Feb `03 Wood Green Film Festival, London Oct `02 'Uncut Special - Independent Stand', Institute of Contemporary Arts, London Aug `02 Portobello Film Festival, London Aug `02 'I Spy' Video Dining, Vauxhall, London Feb `01 MA seminar on Documentary Film, Essex University, Professor Jeffery Geiger Festivals and Screenings 'Freedom' Documentary Ongoing www.3btv.comBroadcast 6th Sept, 18th Oct, 9th Nov `03 & 4th Feb `04 March `03 SOAS (prev. Millennium Commission), UnLtd Aug `02 'I Spy' Video Dining, Vauxhall, London Other Achievements Aug `02 'A Reel Dream Comes True.' Interview by Victoria Prewer published in Wembley Observer March `00 Screening of 'The Unseen Struggle', 'Tongues on Fire' Film Festival March `00 Biography of film drama 'The Unseen Struggle' published in Asian Age Nov `96 Biography of achievements to date published in Wembley Observ
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