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The Kingdom of Solomon is an Iranian religious/Historical film trilogy,[4] produced by Mojtaba Faravardeh and directed by Shahriar Bahrani who has also directed the well known movie Saint Mary. The Kingdom of Solomon enjoyed international release in November 2010 after its screening in Iran. This film tells the life story of Prophet Solomon, King of the Israelite tribes. The film is based on Muslim beliefs extracted from the Holy Qur'an and some Jewish historical texts. For More Info Please Visit http://www.kingdomofsolomon.com/en/ The Kingdom of Solomon (Iran/2010) Written by : Shahriar Bahrami Directed by : Shariar Bahrani Produced by : Mojtaba Faravardeh Cast: Amin Zendegani , Mahmoud Pakniat Hosein Mahjoub , Mehdi Faghih Alireza Kamali , Zahra Saeedi Elham Hamidi , Ali Bokaian Time : 110 mins Sound : Dolby Digital - DTS
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Give A little Love

Give A little Love

Exceptional and touching video. It will move you.