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Documentary: A Hole in the Bucket By: Braw Video Productions Biography Braw Video Productions is an independent production company based in South Lanarkshire Scotland. The company is made up of Jim Storrar, and Davy Lees, both of whom have been working together for some time. Both Davy and Jim want to make films and documentaries that make people think, and have an ongoing interest in Scottish themed documentaries, and music videos. "A hole in the bucket" was a chance to get across to people the absurdity behind the present world debt problems, and was a commission for The Jubilee Debt Campaign which was shown at Glastonbury Music Festival in the summer of 2002. Some of the footage in the film was footage shot by Jim and Douglas Silvester in Mali West Africa for another project which Jim Produced the rest of the footage was supplied by Comic Relief and The Jubilee Debt Campaign and edited by Dim & Distant Productions, which was Braw Video Productions previous name. Both Jim and Davy met whilst training in Video Production at a local media training group, and have both worked on many projects both independently and jointly. Davy writes and plays his own music, as well as directing, both he and Jim have taught video production freelance as well as working as freelance crew, and have been involved in directing and editing many commercial projects. Braw Video productions would be interested in any work, commissions or projects, and any producers who are looking for ideas, as we have more ideas than we know what to do with. Check out our Web Site at www.brawvideo.com for more information, or contact Jim on +44(0)1698793363 or +44(0)7940951694 or Davy on +44(0)1698258183 or +44(0)777 177 6919 or by email Jim at jim@storrar5.freeserve.co.uk or enquiries@brawvideo.com
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