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BIOG: MOUTH THAT ROARS “Often it is those we least expect to have an opinion, who actually offer the most thought provoking and challenging perspective on the world.” Company History Mouth That Roars (MTR) was established by Denise Rose who previously trained as a youth worker and worked in Television Production for many years. MTR was set up with the sole purpose of training young people in TV/Video production who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to media equipment. MTR enables young people who are quite often misrepresented within society, a space to be heard and a medium in which they can voice their thoughts and feelings. Mouth That Roars is about giving access Objectives: * To encourage a broad access to media arts for young people from disadvantaged and impoverished backgrounds and environments. * Train young people in video and TV Production, giving them the skills and knowledge to develop careers in the media and to enhance their confidence and self-esteem. * To enable young people to discuss/debate issues that effect their lives by producing a documentary from their point of view. Mouth That Roars is about children and young people that find themselves excluded, feeling included. How will we do this? MTR works with Broadcast Quality Equipment insuring a professional quality product of Broadcast standard. MTR works with a professional team of freelancers who work along side the young people. They are skilled in specific areas in film and are employed according to project requirements. MTR has many contacts within the BBC and the Independent TV sector that are able to offer work placements – please see achievements so far. Mouth That Roars is about challenging the stereotype, challenging the misconceptions and preconceptions of children’s and young people’s lives. Mouth That Roars does not offer qualifications as we are set up as the stage before further education, thus enabling young people to gain the skills and confidence that will enhance their chances of being accepted and achieving within the educational system i.e. working with school exclusions. However we do provide references and certificates, which outlines their achievements within TV/Video Production. Mouth That Roars is about raising awareness within society Some previous work: * ‘Seeing Is Believing’. A documentary looking at the real Eastend life. * ‘Snap’. The making of a community film. * ‘Back On Ground Level’. A documentary exploring peoples thoughts and feelings moving from Tower Blocks to Houses. * ‘Hackney Festivals’. Multi-cultural Hackney through the eyes of festivity. * ‘Dealing With Drugs’. A look at why and who uses drugs. * ‘Hoxton Hall Young People’s Theatre’. A promotional documentary. * ‘24-7’. A documentary looking at young parenthood. * ‘Lets Make a Documentary’. Southwark/Hackney Summer University Courses. * ‘A National Voice’. A promotional CD ROM for Hertfordshire Social Services. * ‘Colour Blind’. A short film focusing on the subject of racism in East London. * ‘MY Reality’. A documentary following the story of a young gay man. * ‘Children and Play'. Warrington Children’s Society project. * ‘Children in Care Conference’. A promotional piece for Children’s Rights. * ‘Seven Days In A Children’s Home’. Half term. * Jamie’s Story ‘Life as an otherwise able bodied person living in care’ * ‘Sports Leadership’ – British Sports Trust * ‘Advert Event Day’ – Children In Care * ‘Our Future’ – The lives of thirteen, thirteen year olds in the UK. Millennium Award. * ‘15 going on 16’. Young women living in Brixton. * ‘Another Angle’
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A short film created by Danny Blackstock, Glen Cheng, Stephanie Bourgeois, and Melinda ...