Featured: Bharatanatyam - Classical Indian Dance

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Unique streaming videos of the rare Vazhuvoor and Pandanallur styles of Bharatanatyam danced by a young Bharatanatyam virtuoso who is widely believed to be the incarnation of one of the 26 apsaras (heavenly dancers). These are some clips from the collection of high-quality BharataNatyam video on this BharataNatyam dancer's web site, that gives one an idea of the sacred temple dancers' (devadasis') tradition (sadir) that is still alive. These are the clips from the Bharatanatyam DVDs, and are the only high-quality online Bharatanatyam videos that can be found on the Web. Director: Linda Ignatova Producer: R. Demchuk Production Company: Bharathanjali Contact Information: Bharatanatyam dancer Medha Hari Creative Commons licence: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs
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