Featured: Meet My Alters -Short Film

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From: ThePresident
Meet my alters / personalities: Autumn, Iris, the Host, the Sexual Alter, and Unknown. Autumn and Iris are the protectors. The host is, well, the "real me." The sexual alter is not one I want to talk about. And, the unknown one is rude, hateful, and threatening as it calls me a faker and liar. Please think before judging. (This was an extremely difficult video for me to do as I feel it exposes a lot. Watching it is triggering to myself. Thank you to all who watch it!) 3:55 - Protector #1 - Autumn 7:13 - Protector #2 - Iris 10:26 - Host 16:18 - Sexual Alter 21:49 - ? - Unknown
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A short film created by Danny Blackstock, Glen Cheng, Stephanie Bourgeois, and Melinda ...