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Tariq Wahr - Biography With a Honorary degree in Mechanical Engineering, I began my freelance career within Film and TV production in 1992 with voluntary training at the Royal College of Arts and London College of Printing followed by a varied 3 year period working with various production houses who made programmes with Channel Four (drama and short film series), the BBC (art documentaries) and feature film projects with well known studios. I gained valuable insight to the workings and infrastructure of the industry and then jumped at the chance to move into producing and directing films and new media programmes at the Information department of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Upon leaving the FCO in 1998, I established Zmap Ltd (Zeppelin Media and Production). www.zmap.co.uk Zmap Ltd (Zeppelin Media and Production) was a digital video production company that produced both business communication films as well as urban community videos. Zmap was based in the vibrant and creative area of East London and built close networks with local authorities, small business services, universities and Chambers of Commerce. Working with these partners, Zmap was been instrumental in promoting and creating growth opportunities for digital media businesses and the creative sectors within East London. I was Chairman of a creative digital industry network that I established in 1999. This group was known as Gottacreate. I closed the company in 2005, to pursue my career in writing, documentary and feature film production. I am presently working on a series of documentaries as well as producing a feature film project.
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Give A little Love

Give A little Love

Exceptional and touching video. It will move you.