Featured: Real Cape Town: THE DORP - 40 days of our lives ( full movie )

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From: joetriplec
A place on the Cape Flats in 2009: A society challenged by gang violence and drug abuse but with people involved that want to make a difference. They wish and work for change in this unvaried day to day life. We follow four characters representing four generations (childhood, youth, adulthood and senior) through their neighbourhood. We meet their friends and family and get insights into their schools and cultural activities. They see their surroundings out of different angles and find themselves in different situations. But they all wish for better, for a brighter future. Young David "Junior" wants to become a soccer star, the 17 year old Nicole enjoys her new freedom as a young adolescent, businessman Paul wants a good career for his two daughters and pushes them to the limits of their ability, and the senior Marlene observes the procedures around her with her wise old eyes. THE DORP does not hold much for the youth to stay away from drugs, crime and gangs. The frustration about this dreary existence finds expression in a violent clash with Police and Metro Police -- one of the biggest community uprisings against the authorities in the area since Apartheid has ended.
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