Featured: John Whetton Professional Football Freestyler Short Documentary

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Bio by Freestyle Sports John Whetton Professional Football Freestyler short documentary filmed at London Southbank Skatepark which is such an iconic venue. John had a break in his diary this week and we decided to film this short video for everyone to get to know him a bit better. We wanted to give people an insight into John and what it's like being a football freestyler. We spent a couple of hours filming and speaking about freestyle football and here was the end result. All footage was filmed on a GoPro Hero 3. Save London Southbank Skate Park! This is an iconic venue for skateboarders, BMX, roller bladers and has been for so many years, we can't lose this place! It is one of the most iconic spots in London to shoot videos and meet unbelievably talented people. Sign the petition here :- https://www.change.org/en-GB/petition... John Whetton is represented by The Freestylers Limited a Global leading Sports & Entertainment agency specialising in the management of Urban Sports Stars and Entertainers. For more information please visit www.the-freestylers.com or email through to us at info@the-freestylers.com The Freestylers Limited, is a world leading Sport & Entertainment Agency, specialising in Urban Entertainment. We represent World Champions in Football Freestyle, Basketball Freestyle, Parkour, Tricking, BMX and Skateboarding to name but a few.
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