Featured: Vraja Festivals - Siddha Baba of Surya-Kunda

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Siddha Madhusudana Das Baba was one of the four famous siddha-babas of Vraja. The festival is celebrated annually at Surya-kunda, the scenic Lake of the Sun-god, where great numbers of devotees gather from all over the land of Vraja to commemorate his departure to the world of Radha and Krishna. This video includes footage of the tirobhava-kirtan songs at the ashram and the lila-kirtan songs at the temple of Surya-deva along with other festivities. Producer: Madhavananda Das Production Company: Lake of Flowers Creative Commons licence: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs
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Give A little Love

Give A little Love

Exceptional and touching video. It will move you.