Featured: Husky [Director's Cut] - Award Winning Short Drama Film

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**WINNER: Abruzzo Film Festival 2011 - Best Short Film** **WINNER: Vesak 2012 Buddhist Film Festival - Short film Award** http://danallenfilms.com | https://www.facebook.com/pages/Husky-... DIRECTORS CUT (2011) Dir. Dan Allen Music by Christopher Hanson Husky is a short film that follows Vinny, a village outcast; tormented by the people of the village. This intertwining narrative filled with suspense, emotion and heart-warming moments, sees the redemption of our hero and highlights the effects of prejudice against people from all walks of life. ALL AWARDS - **WINNER: Abruzzo Film Festival 2011 - Best Short Film** **WINNER: Buddhist Film Festival 2012 - Best Short Film** **NOMINATED: Screentest - National Student Film Festival 2012 - Best Drama** **Official Selection: Southend Film Festival 2012** **Featured: Dailymotion Homepage 2012**
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A short film created by Danny Blackstock, Glen Cheng, Stephanie Bourgeois, and Melinda ...