Featured: The Nite Life Show

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From: Zein
Nite Life Producers: Tony Cole, Antony Williams & Sonal Thomas. Presented by: Antony Williams Written & Directed by : Tony Cole This new fresh and exciting show was created by the outstanding Millennium Award winners Tony Cole, Antony Williams and Sonal Thomas. Displaying their multi talented abilities, The show was also produced by these 3 award winners. Presented by Antony Williams and Directed by Tony Cole, the show charismatically displays musical talent, comedy, dancing and interviews. Not to mention the professional filming of Digital Horde and skillful editing of Sam Alwan. Without giving too much away, it's worth checking out. Antony Williams was once a radio presenter hence his natural ability to present this show naturally. Tony Cole is a song and script writer and has a history of music production. Sonal Thomas is a performing artist and song writer. I guess that explians the chemistry between them.
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