Featured: Top 10 Scariest,Creepiest Commercials 2014

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From: ThePresident
Bio by HelloIAMAPizza A quick little countdown I made of what I think are the TOP 10 SCARIEST or CREEPIEST television adverts/commercials of all time - with the exception of the 'Number 1' spot, which was actually voted by the public as the scariest ad of all time! Numbers 10-2 are my own opinion, so feel free to disagree, but don't hate. :-) And yes, I would have included that scary Japanese tire commercial, but I obviously wasn't aware of its existence at the time of making this countdown! *WARNING: ONE OF THE ADS IS A SCREAMER. BE PREPARED!* **SIDE NOTE ON THE "MENTAL WEALTH" GIRL: 1. She is SCOTTISH and 2. she is NOT an alien (as some people have believed), her face was morphed with CGI.**
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