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Biography by B.Luckyscat This film has one of the most ferocious boxing matches ever put on film, with the star, Richard Conte, trading some real punches with Court Shepard. This film has a lot going for it. It was well made with a boat load of American and Mexican-American character actors doing everything from major roles to one line bits and all very effective. It has Lee J. Cobb, fresh from the play "Death Of A Salesman" in a bravado performance. Richard Conte gives a very understated reading of the title character. He is very, very good, BUT this film has its flaws. It's about Mexico and it's about boxing and it's from the pen of Jack London, but the screenplay doesn't know or can't make up its mind whether its an "art" film or a "political tract" at times. It is one of the many films in the 1950's that United Artists distributed as the bottom half of a double bill and then promptly sank from view. (it's only a foot-note in "The United Artists Story" by Ronald Bergan, Crown Publishers -1986.) It also is hurt by the fact it is sound-stage bound. However, all that said, it's a very entertaing movie in many ways. Excellant print and sound. Enjoy. Buffs especially. Director: Herbert Kline Producer: Alex Gottlieb Production Company: G.H. Productions Creative Commons licence: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs
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