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DOCUMENTARY/ FILM: SON'S JOB FILM MAKER: JADE D'CRUZ Synopsis: ========= The World Trade Organisation (WTO) which is dominated by the USA has challenged St Vincent's banana trade upon which the island has been traditionally dependant. This has forced many farmers out of work and many have turned to the cultivation of marijuana to support lost income. At the same time, the annual eradication of marijuana plantations by the US Marines, threatens the livelihood of families who rely on the growth and sale of the crop. Son's Job is a true story about a farmer who is caught in this predicament. Son, is one of many farmers being forced out of work and he is part of a growing number of unemployed Islanders, whose government has not yet offered an alternative means of sustainable economic development to compensate for the banana trade. The film reflects Son's personal struggle to survive and an insight into the prejudices, which farmers face from both the Vincentian and the US governments. Son's views are determindly anti-US and he is a strong critic of his government who he sees as corrupt and heavily manipulated by the United States. In a moving and powerful way, Son's job shows us that the illegal cultivation of marijuana in St Vincent is for some Vincentians a basic income for which they face life threatening circumstances in order to support their families. The film also talks about: the impact of cocaine in St Vincent and the indiscriminate sentencing of farmers in court. 23 minutes Directed and produced by Jade D'Cruz Edited by Shaun Weil Filmography: ============ Jade D'Cruz, London UK In 1998 I graduated in Politics and Franch BA from Sussex University. I found work in Brighton UK as a Youth Worker for young people of mixed parentage and I developed a cross-cultural video project about young people's perceptions. In 1999, the help of various organisations enabled me to expand this project and I secured funding to spend 1 year in St Vincent. I carried out voluntary video & drama workshops with community groups and schools and I got paid work with Island Koncept an independent production company. Promotional Video: ================== "Sisters of Sense" St Vincent WI 1999 "Together as One" London UK 2000 "Nike Town" London UK 2001 Short Film: =========== "Son's Job" is my first film-completed in April 2002 The film was born out of a need to expose what is happening on the Island of St Vincent. Festivals to Date: ================== International Black Film Makers Festival, UK 2002 Global Visions International Film FEstival, Canada 2002 Black History Month - Birmingham Expo, UK 2002 Film Stock International 2003 UK Commonwealth Film Festival UK 2003 Zagreb International Film Festival, Croatia, 2003 The Film Boutique - Kush Films, UK 2003 HIFF - Hertfordshire International Film Festival, UK 2003 Decibel International Film Festival, Cascade, Trinidad 2003 A Blinding Short Production Email: missjada@graffiti.net
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