Featured: Roots of Junkanoo: Celebrating Life in a Time of War and Death

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From: ThePresident
In the apolcalyptic nightmare reality which has characterized the lived experiences of ordinary everyday people in the post 911 global environment, words like torture, death, war and conflict have become commonplace. In western society, the response to a perceived terrorist threat has been the revocation and contraction of many cherished and sancrosact civil liberties and human rights. Concurrently, state terrorism, territorial invasions, denial of the Geneva Convention, covert operations, dirty political tricks and police action has haunted the lives of terrified men, women and children throughout the third world. Living in the shadow of death and war, the people continue their everyday struggle for freedom and justice and they celebrate another day of living. This film showcases this celebration of life underlying the junkanoo celebration. Junkanoo is an African celebration of life and creation, brought to the Caribbean by our slave ancestors. Remnants are to be found throughout the West Indies, including Jamaica, Barbados, Bermuda and the Turks and Caicos Islands. However, in the Bahamas, it has been developed as an extremely creative and innovative art form, firmly embedded in the ethos of everyday life in the beautiful coral bejeweled shores of the Bahamas. It has been a powerful expression of identity linking the Bahamas and the wider diaspora to Mother Afrika. In this film we look at this linkage and the grand celebration of life and diversity. This exposes the revolutionary potential for the global celebration of life and diversity as a vehicle for survival in the face of a contagion of imperialism, capitalism, slavery, bondage , torture and state terror. The people celebrate another day of life and th e struggle continues. Free the Land! A Luta Continua! Free Mumia and all Political Prisoners! Creative Commons licence: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs
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