Featured: Ethiopia and the history unseen

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documentary recording the history of Ethiopia and the long reign of the Ethiopian monarchy as well as depicting the fall of the last Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I.  Haile Selassie I: the last Emperor of the dynasty that claims it can trace its roots back thousands of years  The Ethiopian dynasty in 900BC  Minilik II and the Battle of Adwa: the first victory of African people against colonization). A battle which made Ethiopia "the bacon of self-determination for black people around the world."  "Kibre-Negest" [The Glory of Kings] - the most important book in Ethiopian history.  The history of King Solomon of Israel, Queen of Makeda a.k.a. Queen of Sheba and their son Minilik I  Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity  Church and State in Ethiopian History  The City of Harrar  Gondar, Lake Tana and Prester John  The Castel of King Fasiledes  Lalibela -- the King, the Church and the City  Debre Damo Monastery (by King Gebre Meskel), Tigray  Axum, the Kingdom and the City  Arc of the Covenant and Saint Mary Church in Axum
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