Featured: OpenMind 2005: Victor van Reijswoud, EA COSS

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Victor van Reijswouds (EA COSS) presentation, Reflections on the Use of Free and Open Source Software for Developing Nations. Victor van Reijswoud, Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi, Kampala, EA COSS, Uganda Free and open source software has a high potential for the development of Third World nations. The potential is not only economic, but it also allows developing nations to become participators in a global world instead of benefactors relying on the 'gifts' of te donor countries. Recent developments in India, China and on the African continent Mauritius show that this transformation is possible. However, in spite of the potential, the developments on African continent are slow and FOSS is gaining ground very slowly. What are the reasons behind this slow adoption? How can we speed up the adoption of FOSS on the African continent? This presentation was part of OpenMind 2005 event in Tampere, Finland. Director: Jani Rutanen Producer: Jani Rutanen Production Company: Radio Neukkula Podcast Creative Commons licence: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs
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