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by Sara Booth through Professor Rev. Dr. James Kenneth Powell II, opensourcebuddhism.org Spring, 2009. This very nicely made documentary commences with Muslim practices of washing the body, and we hear how cremation and embalming are forbidden in favor of a sheet alone and interment in the ground. Walking on graves is very bad and harms the dead themselves. Hindus are next and we find a different scene. The chanting of verses from the Gita and after flowers are scattered on the body, cremation which releases the soul to the next realm. Roman Catholic rituals follow and we hear of the last rites for the dead. Bodies may be disposed of in reverance and has no bearing on the nature of the afterlife. The Mass of the Dead has given way to the new Mass of the Resurrection, with black clothing giving way to white. These are times of pain and forgiveness and those present are asked to forgive the deceased and/or be forgiven. Priests are allowed to refuse to perform a funeral depending upon how the deceased live. The Jazz festival is the most jolly for sure. The procession and music practice is described along with the roles of various members, e.g. the Grand Marshal. Excellent visuals, narration and music in Booth's production. Very informative masterful comparison.
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