Featured: Rhnio vs Buffalo - The Big Real Life Showdown

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by Grant Griffiths. 2010 One of the most dangerous and feared animals in Africa is an African Cape Buffalo. Known for their aggressive nature and protection of the herd, lion would never dare attack a buffalo by themselves. In this first ever documented video footage in the world, we see a Buffalo challenging a Rhino, and what a fight it was... The video was taken with a small Sony HDD to catch this rare footage, so please excuse the bumps - it was really difficult to keep still in the vehicle, but the sighting will probably never occur again in our lifetime. This video was chosen by Natgeo Wild for one of their programs NATGEO WILD PSYCHO DEER. What begins as a face-off between two BIG 5 animals turns into an incredible display of power and aggression. The 4500 pound Rhino throws the 1500 pound buffalo into the air and destroys it. The buffalo died a few hours later - his left eye was missing and had severe damage to his body from the horn. Not shown here is the damage caused - His left eye that was damaged by the Rhino horn. The Buffalo died a few hours later from internal injuries.
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