Featured: Mars500 B-Roll - Mars Mission Simulation To Start 31 March 2009

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From: Kirk
On 31 March 2009, two Europeans and four Russians will enter a simulation facility in Moscow, Russia. For 105 days, they will be put through a range of scenarios as if they really were travelling to the Red Planet – including a launch, the outward journey, arrival at Mars and, after an excursion to the surface, the long journey home.The purpose of the Mars500 study is to gather data, knowledge and experience to help prepare for a real mission to Mars one day. The participants will act as subjects in scientific investigations to assess the effect that isolation has on various psychological and physiological aspects, such as stress, hormone regulation and immunity, sleep quality, mood and the effectiveness of dietary supplements.ESA is conducting Mars500 together with the Russian Institute of Biomedical Problems.This ESA TV feed features pictures of the facility and statements of ESA management and the European participants.
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