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TITLE: Manifesto AUTHOR: DrinkMe (Dir: Ben Rollason - Fink Film) Fink Film is the creative London based team that was started up by Ben Rollason and Charlie Mitchell back in 2001. Fink Film works on production, direction, motion graphics and visual effects. Music Promo has become a major part of Fink's output and their successful Music Promo High Tide (2004) is featured on 3btv; this Promo had Antenna (NFT), Shoot & Slice, Elefest and Shortwave screenings and was featured in issues of The Reel and Shots. And the latest Promo, Manifesto, has already proven itself to be a success so take a look and see! www.fink-base.com Drinkme are fast earning a reputation as one of London’s most dynamic, innovative and exciting new live bands, They promise to be the breakthrough sensations from the current “Permanent Wave” scene, mixing influences as diverse as 80s electronica, 70s punk and ska and 90s Britpop. This year the band have been widely lauded for their powerful live performances and have been busy recording tracks for their debut album. The single Manifesto will be released Spring 2005. www.drinkmetheband.co.uk
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