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Romanian athlete Nadia Comaneci took up the sport of gymnastics aged six, becoming one of the first students at a school founded by coach Béla Károlyi. In 1975, 13-year-old Comaneci won gold in every event at the European Championships except the floor exercise. Argentina's Athens 2004 Olympic Games debut had been quite outstanding; with a last second win over world champions Serbia & Montenegro. However, the next few matches made it hard to predict how far the South American side could go. On the other side, an irregular team USA who might have started on the wrong foot with a 92-73 defeat against Puerto Rico; but were still the winners of three consecutive gold medals since the Barcelona 1992 Summer Games. Displaying an impressive collective game, Argentina got ahead by 42-38 at half-time. And the second half wasn't that different either. Under the lead of an inspired 29 point scoring Manu Ginobili, the South Americans wrapped it up with a slam dunk by Scola. The scoreboard now showed 89-81and 4.5 seconds until the end, taking Argentina to its first Olympic gold medal match ever.
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