Featured: History Channel - The Real Face of Jesus from the Turin Shroud

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From: ThePresident
This Very Intresting Documentary from History Channel shows modern scientific tests & analysis on the Holy Shroud of Turin & confirm that ITS NOT A FABRICATION created by some medieval artist, in fact the old tests that dismissed the Shroud as 'FAKE' are put into serious doubts, if not a complete pile of BS, from the modern scientific tests & point of view. Then it shows Computer artists with cutting-edge 21st century technology, recreate the man on the Shroud (Jesus Christ) like coming back to life & for the 1st time in history we can get a glimpse of the real face of Jesus Christ Our Lord, the True Son of God. Its totally Amazing, this is where both science & religion comes together, just as in the finding of Noah's Ark on the Mountains of Ararat where the Holy Bible says it landed, exactly 300 cubits long as the Holy Bible says & the huge stone anchors. According to scientists, archeologists and scholars, its the real Ark & there is hard evidence, including archeological findings, scientific SHOCKING tests, photographs & film footage, to prove it.
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Give A little Love

Exceptional and touching video. It will move you.