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any questions/comments, email: mustardseedsdance@gmail.com LIKE us on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mustard-Seeds-Dance-Group/97188535342 This was for our church, we have something called a "Praise Night" where different groups perform dramas, funny skits and dances. www.cfchome.org music list: (all props to these Christian artists) World's Largest Prison by Phanatick Crossover by Lecrae Red Revolution by Tdashii Blood Diamond Soundtrack - James Newton Howard Justified by Thebandwithnoname I bless your name by Juanita Bynum camera crew: michael chang peter lee andy seo choreography by Mikey Tu, Grace Sue, YooC, Soomin, Itch, Hyuksoo Nam producer/director: sean writers: sean, itch music coordinator: itch costume coordinators: Sunah, Sharon Music credit goes to original artists.
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And Still I Rise -Maya Angelou

And Still I Rise -Maya Angelou

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