Featured: In the Mix: Dealing with Death (Excerpt)

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In the Mix is the Emmy award winning PBS documentary series for teens.We're constantly surrounded by death in the media, in the news, and in our own lives. Yet it's often a taboo subject in families, schools, and communities; teens who lose loved ones—whether to illness, suicide, or violence—are left to face their pain alone. With this special, In the Mix breaks the silence and encourages young people to express their thoughts and experiences surrounding the issue. We meet young video makers, writers, and photographers who are using artistic resources and creativity to help themselves and their peers confront issues of dying. Laura, a teen surviving under the shadow of cystic fibrosis, talks about how it feels to outlive her friends, and one young man shares his heartbreak over his father's suicide. The program also visits a bereavement support group where teens participate in frank discussion and creative activities, empowering them to cope with loss. The message from all these young people is loud and clear: It's not only OK to talk about death, it's essential. "These frank discussions about a painful subject could be used with support groups, by individuals or as part of a unit of study on death and grieving." --School Library JournalOver 60 half hour additional programs on topics of critical interest to teens are available as educational DVDs. Many are closed captioned and have Spanish subtitles. For full descriptions, transcripts, video clips, discussion guides, lesson plans, ordering information, and more, please visit our website www.inthemix.org. A full catalog and free Discussion Guides can be downloaded at www.inthemix.org/Educators.
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