Featured: The Sweatshop Girl - Kate Rigg

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This self-styled "Hilarious Asian"will put you "in stitches" as she reenacts her childhood in Indonesia where she worked (for Cathy Lee) as a Sweatshop Girl in a "small town" in Northern Sumatra. After winning the USA Immigration Visa Lottery, she moved (on the same day) to America where she became very rich working as an adviser to Donna Karan at DKNY. Filmed at a Costume Shop and a Dry Cleaning establishment on the West Side of Manhattan, New York City, she "channels" the plight of her youth. From Indonesia to Canada, Australia and DKNY, Kate's comedy career began after she graduated with an acting degree from The Juilliard School. The "club scene" drew her to Caroline's Comedy Club, NYC, where she quickly was "slotted" for a series of appearances and features showcasing her particular brand of character based comedy. She has brought her funky urban Asian sensibility to The Kennedy Center, The Smithsonian Institute, Chicago Museum of Modern Art, and The Public Theater. She has preformed at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, the Toyota Comedy Festival, The Marshalls Women in Comedy Festival, and developed her first comedy and music revue for NBC's PSNBC in New York, and the HBO Time Warner workspace in Los Angeles. Kate's *****-O-Rama: featuring the chinkorama dancers is a New York city favorite at Joe's Pub at the Public Theater. Her follow up "Birth of a nASIAN" played at the Mark Taper Forum's Summerfest (developed at La Mama ETC, New York City), MACLA in San Jose, the New World Theater in Massachusetts, the Vancouver Comedy Festival, Women in Theater Conference Toronto, ConWorks Seattle, OutNorth Alaska, MACLA, CCE Portland and the Comedy Central Theater L.A as part of their 2007 season.
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