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T'S TOUGH TO BE POOR Music: Richard Currier Words: Jim Piazza I met a beggar on the street who asked me for a dime But then he took a better look and said, Some other time And handed me a dime, poor me! My clothes are torn and dirty, Ive been a bit abused, For in this crooked game of life, some are bound to lose. You know IT'S TOUGH TO BE POOR And I don't mean to sound sore But when you're broke it's tough to be pure Fate can play some dirty tricks cause ever since Ive been six , Its been kicks, kicks, kicks, Yes sir its rough to be poor for Heaven knows whats in store, If you should hear a knock on your door * * * It could be the landlord giving you the axe Or some cad who'll tie you to the railroad tracks, Cant say it enough, its tough, IT'S TOUGH TO BE POOR. My dreams are full of limousines and mansions in the sky, If my imagination can be rich, then why cant I But life has no reply, woe is me! If Heaven thinks to call me when Judgment Day is due, No doubt I'll walk through Paradise with cardboard in my shoe. Things could be worse I suppose if somehow fate might have chose that I be just a fish in the sea But I take a look around me and I wonder if those fish Would mind company, Oh gee IT'S TOUGH TO BE POOR Id like to settle the score, And trade my place with a millionaire Tho his bed of roses has a thorn or two Lead me to those and Ill muddle through, Oh, if I could switch just once, not twice but once Really be rich and switch without a hitch, Out of my ditch cause IT'S TOUGH TO BE POOR! ©1987 currier/piazza music Sung by: Roderick Cook
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