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"SIMPLY MARVELOUS" - Geoffrey Holder (Documentary Short) A rare performance and glimpse into the "life and philosophy" of this multi-talented celebrity. Immediately recognizable as the 7-Up, "Uncola man", his distinctive bass voice, heavy accent and hearty laugh are legendary. This is a clip from his "nightclub act" that was filmed at Joe's Pub at the Public Theater, New York City. Geoffrey is 6 foot 6 inches tall and shaved his head long before it was cool. Geoffrey won the 1975 Tony Award for Best Director of a Musical, "The Wiz" (1975), the all-African American retelling of "The Wizard of Oz". That same year he was also awarded the Tony for best costume design and was nominated again for the original 1978 Broadway musical "Timbuktu!", which he also directed and choreographed. As a choreographer, he has created dance pieces for many companies, including the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and The Dance Theatre of Harlem. Painter, director, set and costume designer, choreographer, dancer, actor, musician and showman; Geoffrey Holder is both colleague and friend to many, many international celebrities: Alvin Ailey, Woody Allen / Everything You Always Wanted to Know About *** (But Were Afraid to Ask), Harold Arlen /House of Flowers, Charles Aznavour, George Balanchine / House of Flowers, Pearl Bailey / House of Flowers, Josephine Baker / Josephine Baker and Her Company, Tony Bennett, Ray Bolger/ Tony Award Presenter, Jacques Brel, Truman Capote / House of Flowers, Diahann Carroll / House of Flowers, Carol Channing / costumes, Noel Coward / Androcles and the Lion, Bette Davis, Johnny Depp / Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / Reader, Marlene Dietrich, Duke Ellington, Ian Fleming / Live or Let Die, Joao Gilberto Amoroso / Brasil / cover, James Earl Jones / Swashbuckler, Grace Jones / Boomerang, Martha Graham, Rex Harrison / Doctor Dolittle as William Shakespeare the Tenth, Helen Hays, Lena Horne / portrait, John Huston / Annie as Punjab, Michael Jackson, Brian Keith, Eartha Kitt / Boomerang / Timbuktu / Director, Claude Lelouch / Hasards of Coincidences, Stephanie Mills / The Wiz/director, Sal Mineo / Aladdin, Arthur Mitchell / Dance Theatre of Harlem, Ricardo Montalban / portrait, Melba Moore /Timbuktu, Roger Moore / James Bond / Live or Let Die / actor / choreographer, Eddie Murphy / Boomerang, Odetta, Anthony Perkins / portrait, Sidney Poitier, Herbert Ross / House of Flowers / Doctor Dolittle, Maximillan Schell, Jane Seymour / Live or Let Die, Bobby Short, Nina Simone, Charlie Smalls, Sharon Stone / Inspired her to "leave home and go into the business", Gloria Swanson and the list goes on... Geoffrey performed, "Under The Sea" from "The Little Mermaid" at the 62nd Academy Awards (1990 Oscars). Much like his longtime friend Bill Cosby, Geoffrey is both teacher and "Renaissance Man". When he commands the audience to "STAND UP, UP, UP, UP!" and then insists that everyone "PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE" to GOD, THE FATHER ALMIGHTY, THE MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, to JESUS, MOSES, BUDDHA AND ALLAH... He is "More Evangelist than Showman". Geoffrey burns with THEOSOPHY and UNIVERSAL LOVE.
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