Featured: Glowing Yellow

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Music Video: Glowing Yellow Artist/ Band: Eva Abrahams Director: Sonia Pang Producer: Emily Quinney, Milk About the piece: In response to the beautiful simplicity of Eva and her guitar, I chose to reflect the sweat melancholy of this song in hand drawn, frame by frame sketches – that hold the naiveté of a fluid painting. "Motion humid - Eva emerges, perturbed, light fragmented - her eyes narrow; blink ...destitute, a breath quietly devours her as the bass kicks in." Each guitar chord has a life of it’s own, it was important that I drew an outline that replicated this, as if drawn from an ink-well of refracted liquid light, contours that reflected freedom and simplicity. Like a lover’s doodle on a serviette, her figure breathes and bleeds. "Noiseless birds in circled flight, their flight paths swelling in the humidity like rain; they accumulate ... and descend." I wanted the birds to fly through her so to hold as an awe-inspiring symbol of natural aesthetics within a cityscape. Bird’s flight patterns are so synchronised and so harmonious, they are a powerful reminisce of nature. My aim: to make something cathartic illustrating moods as seasonal. Bio: Sonia Pang is a director/animator living and working in London, UK. For more information contact: Emily Quinney on emily@milkcommunications.com
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