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Title: Football For All Producer: The Media Group Length: 17 mins 15 seconds As the governing body of the game, The Football Association (FA ) is responsible for a huge range of activities - from organising the England international team to training the next generation of coaches. This series of short films gives the FA the opportunity to explain to a broader audience the wide scope of our activities, and the work that The FA is doing to combat racism and disability discrimination, as well as the work in promoting race and disability equality. The Media Group was commissioned by the FA to produce the presentation you are watching and is the FA’s Authorised Agent to promote the GOAL 2005 Conference. Contact details The Media Group 3 Wilford Business Park Ruddington Lane West Bridgford NG11 7EP Tel: 0115 9694600 Fax: 0115 9821307 Email: contact@themediagroup.tv
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