Featured: ESA's Time Machine To Understand The Evolution of The Universe

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From: Kirk
The most important space science mission for the European Space Agency and for Ariane is in the last phase of preparation for launch. Due to lift off soon from French Guiana, the flight will be orbiting two observatories, Herschel and Planck. Planck will be the first European space observatory whose main goal is the study of the Cosmic Microwave Background the relic radiation from the Big Bang. The spacecraft will measure the fluctuations of the CMB with an infinitely precise accuracy. It will be offering a journey back to the dawn of time. This A & B-Roll focuses on the objectives of the mission with interviews in English, French and Italian with several of the missions Principal Investigators and scientists.
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Rosetta mission makes historic comet landing

Rosetta mission makes historic comet landing

The European Space Agency confirms the Philae spacecraft lands successfully on a comet ...