Featured: Election 05: The Key Education Issues

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Synopsis In this special election programme, Teachers' TV talks to the key education policymakers in each of the three main political parties ahead of the general election on May 5. We analyse each of the key battlegrounds, including school discipline, funding and parental choice. Stephen Twigg, school standards minister and Labour MP said: "I think the most important issue for education is whether we can build upon the extra investment in schools that we've seen in recent years." Tim Collins, shadow education secretary and Conservative MP, said: "We need to make it clear that teachers and not anybody else are in charge in the classroom, that rights stick with the teacher - not the disruptive child." MP Phil Willis, the Liberal Democrat education spokesman, said: "The most important issue facing education at this election is to guarantee to every child a high-quality education delivered locally to them." We also hear teachers' views on how they'd like to see education policy develop over the next five years. Attribution- Educational Purposes - NonCommercial-ShareAlike
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