Featured: The Political Assassination of Margaret Thatcher

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From: ThePresident
The events that lead to the end of one of the most remarkable and revolutionary premierships in British political history. The truth about how it was not the people, but her own party, that finally ended Margaret Thatcher's 11 years in office. "We are all - like it or not, rebel or not - the children of Margaret Thatcher." Andrew Marr, BBC. Postscript from the President There is irrefutable evidence that Thatcher was as divisive a Premier as you could ever wish to see and for minority communities often a hate figure. However we must not deny her greatness in terms of pursuit of her ideas or strength of her leadership. Its just a pity that the speech of reconcilliation and hope that she preached on the doorsteps of No.10 in May 1979 proved to be a complete and utter distraction from the truth that was to be known as Thatcherism.
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