Featured: The Murder in China basin

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n this modern noir-style drama, Claire (Elizabeth Rossa) is a former police officer who has drifted into an aimless funk. Her former husband Steve (Chris Byrne), however, pulls her out of her depression when he calls her, seeking her help. Steve has become the key suspect in the murder of a wealthy musician (Noel Harrison); it seems among the pianist's many eccentricities, he decided to embrace a life of celibacy. However, his wife Allison (Jennifer Starr) had no interest in putting her sexual appetites on hold, and was dallying with a number of men, including Steve. While Steve admits his affair with Allison, he states emphatically that he is innocent of the murder, and Claire begins to search for whoever might be responsible for the crime. Noel Harrison, who plays the murdered musician, had a briefly successful career as a musician in the late 1960's and enjoyed a hit single with his cover of Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne." Harrison wrote and performed several original songs for The Murder In China Basin, which was screened at the 1999 Dances With Films Festival of the Unknowns. Cast Chris Byrne Steve Jennifer Starr Allison Johnny Indovina Elizabeth Rossa Claire Eric Etebari Spencer Scofield Noel Harrison George Guest Derek Sitter Eric "Kaos" Etebari Directors Norman Gerard Producers Gerard Films Peter Maris Herb Linsey Norman Gerard Paul H. Zulkowitz Writers Norman Gerard John Kane
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