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A children film that gives us the message of unity. Children and elders must watch this movie. Parents must show such films to their kids. This film is produced by Children's Film Society, India (CFSI). Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Rascals/24934021511286­5 1947 partition of India divided not only a country but many hearts and families too. One such man separated from his motherland leaving his house, farm to his married daughter, was Rashid Suleman who is living in Pakistan with his only surviving family member, his grandson Harun. Rashid had long harboured hopes of going back to his birth place Lakhpat in India and meet his childhood friend Jesang Mavji who looks after his farm & house after the death of his daughter. His grandson, Harun had been hearing about his family roots in India and wanted to visit Lakhpat too. Under changed circumstances, an old man now, decides to cross the border into India to hand over his grandson Harun to his childhood friend Jesang Mavji in Lakhpat,India. After planned Border crossing at night, they see soldiers. To protect Harun, Rashid though misguides soldiers but both get separated. Ultimately, young Harun has to undertake the journey to Lakhpat on his own. Harun, a courageous boy travels alone through Kutchh desert. On the Indian side, he comes across three children who take him under their wings and hide him without the knowledge of their mother Valbai. These children misunderstand his name and 'Harun' turns into 'Arun". Game of 'Hide-N-Seek begins.....followed by an encounter with Valbai Valbai is a courageous woman who has brought up her three children in the harsh terrain of Kutchchh accepts ARUN as her fourth child. Valbai, however has to go through various problems, face allegations and at one time even severe in-human treatment, however because of her bold nature and with the help of genuine supporters, she comes out clean and victorious. That is not the end but the beginning of a new era of treating all humans at par. HARUN -- ARUN is the first Gujarati Family Film of its kind fully shot at Kutchh and with Dolby sound. Cast & Crew Cast Ragini Pramathesh Mehta Utkarsh Mazumdar Swati Dave Nilesh Mohitei Hemang Gor Meet Thacker Directors Vinod Ganatra Producers Children's Film Society India Writers Vinod Ganatra Dhiruben Patel
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