Featured: Sintel OFFICIAL [HD] _ FULL MOVIE (2010)

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THIS IS THE COMPLETE SHORT MOVIE, NOT A TRAILER now in HD resolution 1080 from the guys that brought you Elephants Dream and Big Buck Bunny Project Peach, the second Open Movie, started in October 2007 and premiered April 2008. Target this time was to create good hair/fur editing and rendering, more advanced support for cartoonish characters, and solve complexity in rendering outdoors environments with grass, trees and leaves. Big Buck Bunny was the first project in the Blender Institute Amsterdam. This 10 minute movie has been made inspired by the best cartoon tradition. A giant rabbit finds his happy sunny morning walk being disturbed by three rascal rodents. In a comical grand finale he gets even with them. All content, including the production and render files, is release under a Creative Commons license, which means you can edit remix and basically do with the movie as you like. Find more details here: http://www.bigbuckbunny.org Credits Director: Sacha Goedegebure (Netherlands) Art Director: Anreas Goralczyk (Germany) Lead Artist: Enrico Valenza (Italy) Character Rigging & Animation: Nathan Vegdahl (USA) Character Animation: William Reynish (Denmark) Technical Director: Campbell Barton (Australia) Software Developer: Brecht van Lommel (Belgium) Music and Sound design: Jan Morgenstern (Germany) Producer: Ton Roosendaal (Netherlands)
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A short film created by Danny Blackstock, Glen Cheng, Stephanie Bourgeois, and Melinda ...